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Green Leaves

Blooma Daga is a botanical design house providing floral, landscape architecture, and holiday design services for those that live and love boldly.






We began in 2022 with a desire to leave behind a corporate career and pursue creativity wherever it would take us

To forge a brand that welcomes the dreamers, the eclectic, and the bold

To illustrate the uniqueness of every client through botanical elements

To celebrate nature’s rich textures, colors, and forms

The name Blooma Daga roughly translates to Flower Day in Scandinavian languages.


We are inspired by the landscapes and culture of Scandinavia and believe flowers should be a part of every day!

Our inspiration comes from the rugged beauty of the natural world. From the big, small, and everything in between…

and how it juxtaposes with the imaginative worlds of Wes Anderson, Florence Welch, Gucci, Iris Apfel, Bob Mackie, Kacey Musgraves, and oh so much more.

Last but not least – Our clients, we want to hear your story!

To create an uplifting environment for all, we are LGBTQIA+ owned and operated

Disrupt industry misconceptions about what landscapes and florals can be

Foster wild originality

Push boundaries creatively

Remain unexpected

Find the opportunities in the constraints

As a licensed Landscape Architect, Tim introduces natural elements into unexpected terrain, blurring the lines between purely “natural” and “Manmade.”Coming to Los Angeles from the east coast with a desire to create and share the beauty of the natural world with all, Tim brings over a decade of experience in the landscape, horticulture, and floral world to Blooma Daga.

Tim is currently the Landscape Architect on the Beverly Hills Architectural Commission and reviews all commercial and multi-family housing projects proposed in the city, ensuring high design quality and environmental integrity.

Tim Devlin

Owner + Creative Director 


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